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Page history last edited by shanta stevens 5 years, 9 months ago

Feel free to add yourself to a shift you want, even if someone else is already signed up for it. People will move around as they see fit, and we can never have too many volunteers :-).

Descriptions of these and other roles needed, can be found below the sign-up table...


Nov 8th  Event Coordinator Welcome Table  Runner Security Social Club Coordinator DJ/Entertainment
12pm - 3pm Shanta    
3pm - 6pm            
6pm - 9pm  Shanta


9pm - 12am            

12am - 3am



3am - 6am            

November 9th

6am - 9am  Shanta  
9am - 12pm            


Ideally, we would prefer to actually fill shifts for these roles, listed in the table above...

* event coordinator (logistics & facilitation)

* entertainers (mood-sensitive DJs/VJs, respectful live musicians, odd flash mob rampages at 4am of Ninjas & MIBs?)

* social club coordinators (making certain that all participants & attendees are enjoying themselves)

* security agents (rangers & other folks to help keep the peace... and although I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations that we are deploying a security force of Ninja Bronies, under the command of Lisa Frank, MIB... but apparently, a number of our security agents have decided to wear black with rainbow colors and ponies may be involved... other volunteers are also encouraged to don this attire :) )

* welcome desk attendants (how can we help you help us?)

* runners (the glue that keeps everything together)


And there are other volunteer roles we can never have too many of, that do not require scheduling, but who are welcome to sign up on this page: AaronSwHackATXevent2014

* coders & designers (our honored guests)

* social media mavens (twitter & facebook & flickr, oh my!)

* technical writers (help us document PLEASE!)

* videographers, photographers, bloggers (press & amateur)

* wiki wranglers (running around making sure people are updating the wiki)

* graphics designers & other artists (to help work on projects, provide aesthetics, & add inspiration)

* food & drinks (Chefs! catering, refreshments & sustenance... also, servers, cleanup)

* setup and take down (strong people to move tables, chairs etc)

* trophy & prize crew (donations & creations!)

* sponsors! (we humbly request your assistance)

* massage therapists, origamists, & other local celebrities are also welcome, but harder to come by...

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