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Codeathon 2.0 -- Help build open source web apps for non-profits!



Hey Web Programmers,


We are only two days away from Codeathon 2.0!  This is the second in a series of volunteer events based in Austin, Texas to help build usable, accessible, open source web tools for use by the non-profit community.  The event will begin Saturday at noon at Tek Republik, with a kickoff party at 7pm Friday at Triumph Cafe.


If you missed our renowned, inaugural event, here's your chance to participate! These are productive but FUN events, featuring unique food and plenty of entertainment to keep things interesting. This is an opportunity to spend time collaborating and networking with some of the region's brightest and most interesting design and development talent, while focusing your skills toward something good for the world! Video footage from the first Codeathon can be found on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccDORj0syyE.


This follows a successful Designathon from last weekend, where software designers helped lay the groundwork for application ideas.  At the Codeathon, programmers will implement designs created at The Designathon, or other designs of their own choosing.


We're also partnering with the Austin Time Exchnage Network <http://www.austintimeexchange.org> to reward codeathon participants for the work they are doing.  People who participate in the full codeathon will receive 30 hours of ATEN credit which they can exchange with other network participants for a wide variety of services -- want your house cleaned?  A ride to the airport?  Violin lessons?  This is a great reward with tons of possibilities.  Thanks to ATEN!


Designathon/Codeathon 2.0 is being organized by the League of Technical Voters <http://leagueoftechnicalvoters.org>, a non-profit organization focused on creating web tools to get individuals more effectively involved with the political process, and Knowbility.org <http://Knowbility.org>, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing accessibility of web applications for people with disabilities.  Mozilla <http://www.mozilla.org> has been a key sponsor to help make this event possible.


Visit the event wiki at http://codeathon.pbwiki.com for details and to sign up.

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