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Only 3 rules for a Code-a-thon

1) must be Free or Open Source

2) must be for a Non-Profit or be non-commercial

3) must be a Universal solution


Learn more about how to run a codeathon!


Upcoming Code-a-thons:


Oct 3-5, SXSW Eco 2012 - lets play with the new Dept of Energy Dataset!

Nov 2-4, Code-a-thon ATX 2012-02


more! suggest one by typing it here.


About the Events:

Codeathons are volunteer events to help build usable, open source and accessible internet tools for non-profit organizations!


All of our development will be free or open source, and built for general use by non-profit organizations (as opposed to being custom-built for a specific organization).


These will be productive but fun events, with some unique food and entertainment provided to keep things interesting. This is a great way to spend time with a lot of other smart, interesting techies while putting your skills towards something good in the world! A first successful codeathon was thrown in October 06-- you can see videos from the event on YouTube (thanks Kai!).


You can find out additional details using the "SideBar" navigation menu to the right.


What will be accomplished?

Quite a bit!


With a 48hr codeathon, that's the equivalent of one full-time workweek. With multiple people collaborating, each project can receive a few man-weeks of effort, which is a substantial amount of time. Try to get the design done on the wiki in advance. Please be sure to register your project on your cities pages!


Some small projects may actually be completed in this timeframe. Obviously this isn't enough time to build and polish a larger software project -- but it is enough time to form a team and generate momentum and motivation. We will provide web tools to facilitate ongoing collaboration on projects, encouraging codeathon participants (or other future volunteers) to continue them.


Past Events:

1) Codeathon 2006 - Drupal themed

2) Codeathon 2007

3) Designathon 2007

4) Apr, 2010 DC Codeathon

5) Feb, 2012 partner event ATX Code Across America: Civic Innovation Hackathon

6) Mar, DC 2012 Code-a-thon

7) Apr, ATX 2012 Code-a-thon

8) July 13-15, Code-a-thon ATX 2012-02 Planning Party

9) Nov 8-10, AaronSwHackathon



For general event questions, contact the event organizer, Silona Bonewald Silona@silona.com


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