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Entity Based Social Netowrk

June 8-10th Meetup with key players: From LJ, LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, etc. interested in creating an open standard for exchanging profile information.

Also See: Mingle; Tecnorati/Microformats; Zoominfo

Social Management

  • Actor Based
    • associate (friend of a person or business)
    • member (business that is a member of a consortion)
    • support (could be someone supporting a political candidate)
  • Interoperability (June meetup)
  • Identity and Reputation
  • Collaboration Tools


  •     Crowdsourced
  •     TFB
  •     Upcoming Legislation


  • Documenting vision
  • Reference Implementations
    • Arch documents


  • Connect the Dots tool

Grant: Social Netowrk Proof of Concept Design Doc

Chrysta, Tess, Jason: Connect the Dots Tool

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