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Roles and responsibilities

Page history last edited by David Walker 7 years, 10 months ago

So this are not a hard set rules but some good guidelines.  Most volunteers like to know what they are signing up for so this can help in terms of scope!  I talk about this in a blog post - here.


3 Main People

1) Event Coordinator

2) Product Manager

3) Social Media Lead



and for Each individual project (see project template)

should have

1) Nonprofit Sponsor (this is the only required piece for 501c3 status)

2) Designer

3) Lead Programmer


Also Volunteers

Can have a Volunteer lead that helps the Event Coordinator

1) Entertainers (DJs, Classical performance during meal, odd rampages at 4am of Zombies)

2) Food (Chefs!, runners, servers, cleanup)

3) Setup and take down (strong people to move tables, chairs etc)

4) Videographers, Photographers, Bloggers

5) Wiki wrangler!!! (run around making sure people are updating the wiki)

6) Graphics designers - We NEED pretty logos!

7) Technical Writers - Help us document PLEASE!

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