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Burning Flipside Project



A much-needed MAJOR upgrade for the burningflipside.com website - from Drupal 5.x to Drupal 6.x (or maybe Drupal 7! We'll see how far we get)




  • Caleb, Benji, Mike and Benbot worked on views and got almost all of the views re-created from the D5 site.
  • Shannou did an evaluation of the website from a User Experience (UX) perspective, and created wireframes demonstrating a new, more streamlined Information Architecture (IA) to make the site easier to use.
  • Monk & Mike found a kick-ass theme (Paradox) and set it up for the dev site
  • Benbot worked on flipside flame, added facebook sharing widgets
  • Benji worked on the warehouse calendar 
  • plus a lot of people learning about drupal!


  • trial upgrade to D7 - notes added to GDoc
  • set up openatrium to create a private intranet for restricted-access organizing for lead volunteers and completed functionality to meet requirements to replace og functionality in D5
  • started on data migration for D5 og data to D6 openatrium site
  • more work on customizing the theme
  • finished the warehouse calendar
  • did an analysis of needs based on UX/IA evaluation/wireframes & created tasks to implement the new IA
  • started creating views for new IA
  • recreated volunteering process with "signups" module
  • create leads menu for easy access to relevant tasks for lead volunteers 

Sunday: focus on: testing, permissions, bugs, documentation

  • switched to a new base theme which is based on drupal conventions, caught the customizations up with the first theme
  • spec'd out data migration needs, defined a plan





Caleb Cranford




Mike Blakely

Shannon Roberts



Jorge Pino

David "Mr. Huggles" Morra

Carol Lackey

Rob Hybrid

Michal Minecki




We have a Google Document for shared notes and a Google Spreadsheet for sharing tabulated data.


Websites we’re working with:




  • drupal5.burningflipside.com - a copy of the current site. can be used for reference for anything lost during the upgrade (views, etc.)




Contact Benji or another project volunteer for htaccess password and admin access 


Shannou’s UX/IA wireframes:
PDF export: http://dev.burningflipside.com/files/codeathon/FS.pdf
InDesign source: http://dev.burningflipside.com/files/codeathon/FS.indd


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