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ATX2012 Press Releases

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Code-a-thon 12: Open & Universal, April 13-15
a 48-hour open source, open data coding marathon for coders and designers
Friday, April 13, 6pm to Sunday April 15, 6pm
At the Austin Moose Lodge
2103 E M Franklin Ave, ATX, 78723
some meals provided // cash bar

Event Schedule:

Fri Evening : 6pm+ : Consultation with professional producers and directors about the project ideas. Informal project selection and community building.
Sat Morning : 9am-12pm : Official project selection and group formation.
Sat Afternoon : 12pm-5pm : Project work time with periodic break-out sessions in side room.
Sat Dinner : 5pm-8pm : Dinner and group project presentations.
Sat Evening : 8pm+ : Project work time, team discussion and group discussion.
Sun Morning : 9am-12pm : Brunch & Concluding presentations.
Sun Afternoon : 12pm-6pm : Project finish time.
Several groups here in Austin have allied to produce a Code-a-thon in ATX this year. This event follows in the six year history of Code-a-thons nationally and will be dedicated to creating open sources tools and solutions for non-commercial, municipal and community-oriented organizations.

We gather volunteer programmers, designers and graphic artists to build upon existing open source tools during our 48-hour lock-in event. This will be a great opportunity to collaborate and network with some of Austin's most talented programmers and designers, as well as provide excellent visibility for Austin's tech community.

At our past code-a-thons, we were able to create over 20 new features for non-profits including a disability-accessible events calendar, a consensus wiki, a bicycle accident report mapper for android, a garden to gardener match-making website, a voting module for Drupal, and many more.

This year's code-a-thon has already begun! The event in April will be the culmination of multiple events beginning with Code For America's "Civic Innovation" Hackathon on Feb 25th (cfaaustin.eventbrite.com), ATX Barcamp during SXSW (barcampaustin.org), and the Washington DC Code-a-thon on March 24-25. Each of these events will be exploring ideas and building toolsets for using during the ATX 2012 Code-a-thon.
Additional event information is available at http://code-a-thon.org
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CodeathonATX

You can also see our YouTube video from the last event here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccDORj0syyE
__2012 Sponsors__
The Moose Lodge, a long-standing Austing club, meeting hall and community center
Conjunctured, an Austin co-working space for tech professionals
Whit.li, an Austin local technology startup that provides personality-based text evaluation, launched at SXSW 2012 last month
Austin Connects, Community Technology Education and Resources non-profit
Burning Flipside, an Austin local community group promoting sustainable living
The League of Technical Voters, local civic technology non-profit
Free Network Foundation, national non-profit promoting the internet as a public resource

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