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This event will be held at the Moose Lodge. Assume everything below will happen there unless otherwise notide.



April 13th  What?  Where?  Why? 
6pm - 12am Project Selection Discussion  TBA  Consultation with professional producers and directors about the project ideas. Informal project selection and community building
10pm - 12am  Late Night Discussion  TBA  optional informal opportunity to discuss your project direction and scope

12am - 9am


coding, hacking, design & insanity   because sleep is for the weak

April 14th

9am - 12pm Project Team Orientation TBA identify project, skill sets and project goals
12pm - 5pm Project Work Time & Break-out Sessions TBA make stuff!
5pm - 8pm Dinner & Group Discussion TBA have some tacos. reconsider your approach and direction
8pm - 10pm Team Discussion TBA consult with your non-profit sponsor to ensure the project will meet their needs
10pm - 12am Late Night Discussion TBA informal discussion of project direction and scope

12am - 9am


more diabolical genius    can't stop the momentum! 
April 15th      
9am - 12pm Brunch & Concluding Presentations TBA hatch a plan
12pm - 4pm Project Work Time TBA make more stuff
4pm - 6pm Wrap-up TBA Final Project Presentation & Documentation!
We did it!! 




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