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ATX 2012 Planning Meeting

Page history last edited by BishopZ 12 years, 2 months ago


Planning Meeting, Feb 4, 2012


In attendance: OAIT, CFA, Occupy Apps, Austin Barcamp, DevShop/Fidonet, Austin Freenet

Knowability sends their love. Will be participating in the event.


3 Rules of a Code-a-thon:

+ Open Source

+ Non-profit

+ Universal Solutions


Corporations can still sponsor.


Code for America is meeting with local orgs to get them to add their data to the Austin open data portal; use open frameworks


We have 2k pledged donations, may need that some for venue

maybe at tech republic or union park

must have wifi and solid electricity


planning for 60-120 ppl, some from out of town so plan for parking


looking for non-profit to donate meals and drinks

we have default sponsorship letter to pitch sponsorships


Austin Connects: many groups have crossover mission, such as Skillpoint Alliance, Community Action Network


What do we need?

+ We need the geeks, Bishop, Shanta, Silona

+ Non-profits, Dale

+ Meals & Entertainment, Silona, will talk to TV and radio stations, Sexy Librarian Flash Mob?

+ The City, who? Silona trying to step away from this 

+ Ideas, OccupyApps, CFA


Ideas will be selected by:

+ Project concept

+ What language

+ What non-profit it is associated with


Please take ownership of a page/project, either a portion of the event (promo letter) or a project (add to project page).


CFA have collected lots of project ideas. Will post them. They can also help with design aspects of projects, better definition of projects.


Two very successful projects in the past, integrated with existing FOSS communities (e.g. drupal). Projects can be carried forward after event.

+ web tool for adding annotation into videos

+ bring an existing project and "finish it" like super-happy-dev-camp 


__Barcamp on 10th, website is up

__Feb 25th Hackathon - National event, Code Across America


Barcamp and CFA Hackathon can really help refine concepts to be carried forward at Codeathon and beyond.


Discussion of technologies: Balsamic, ...


Logistics: each project group with create their own code repository & project page. See "sample project page" for example, and past event project pages. Code must be open source, no closed source dependencies. Encouraged to mix and match between past projects and existing open source projects out there on the web. Sometime re-invigorate old OS projects.


Q: must each project be for non-profit, or can they be lower level tools/helpers? 

A: can be, sometimes that doesn't work

Q: could create twitter accounts or promote a community surround a project. Motivate developers & attract more developers.

A: ...


__Rain Break__


Event Theme ideas: Disco, maybe Disco Oz

Energy drink sponsor: red bull, four, steaz



__CFA details 


Summer of Smarts was series of hackathons for city projects with themes

Google Summer of Code, ??


CFA will come up with 10 ideas, three they want to focus on


Open311 project has been canceled by city, but could be opened back up, is really broad

currently have about 50 datasets, but many are not so good

full day event, to make demos that demonstrate value of open data

mostly or data portal


venue and website are both tba

maybe co-working spaces, maybe one on east 7th, 


Send them your ideas of what info you would like from the local Govt, they will evaluate and try to fix any internal roadblocks the govt may have to service these requests


ChangeByUs - crowd sourced idea generator

UserVoice, austin platform


CFA in Room 3102



__barcamp event details


video loop from Code-a-thon for between sessions

reserved a session for Code-a-thon to talk about

Banner to display on walls

Podcast interview CFA & API Hack day prior to the event

CommandLine podcast to advertise the events





outside networking space, maybe a Code-a-thon info booth (purple suit)

Theme: "Discover Something New"

New ways to interact, new tricks, new wares

Pre-registration is happening now

Lets create buzz

~200 ppl, taking volunteers to help 

SXSWi alternative for locals


open to public at 9/9:30, 5-6pm close

after-party venue from 8-11pm @ Black Sheep Lodge 

DXM, Jess Kline, MC Front-a-lot @ Shultz Beer Garden

barcamp ticket to enter at first, then open to public and sxsw



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