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ATX2012 Technology

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Important:  This is a "bring your own laptop" events. 

Please write for help if you need a loaner!




Our development environments will consist of the following components:



We will use this PBwiki site for project coordination.  PBwiki is a free service (with the option to pay for additional features), so project teams are free to migrate to their own standalone PBwiki as well (but please include a link from our Projects page!)


Google Group:



GitHub organization:



All of the following may possibly be out of date or not applicable:


Google Code:

We will be using Google Code for source control (Subversion), issue tracking, and web/email discussions (via Google Groups).  


Each codeathon project should be housed under a separate project in Google Code.  Google Code projects can be created by anyone and they are available instantly; there is no approval process.


Subversion Client Links


Test environments:

Test Environment Reservations


We will provide a locally-hosted machine with Apache, Rails, Plone, and Drupal test environments during the codeathon.  The test environments will be run on a local server for disaster mitigation purposes. 


After the codeathon, we will host similar events for LoTV-related projects on a datacenter-hosted LoTV server.  We are investigating the usage of virtual machines to host the test environments.


There has been talk of hosting the test environments on virtual machines to facilitate isolation, portability, test repeatability, and disaster recovery.  We're short on time and expertise to implement this, but if you would like to help out please let us know!






Build farms and automation:

None initially -- local builds on developer machines only.




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