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ATX 2012-02 Goals


__2012 Sponsors__


The Moose Lodge, a long-standing Austin club, meeting hall and community center
Conjunctured, an Austin co-working space for tech professionals
Whit.li, an Austin local technology startup that provides personality-based text evaluation, launched at SXSW 2012 last month
Austin Connects, Community Technology Education and Resources non-profit
Burning Flipside, an Austin local community group promoting sustainable living

The League of Technical Voters, local civic technology non-profit
Free Network Foundation, national non-profit promoting the internet as a public resource




Whit.li API Overview:


The Whit.li API assembles and compares the psycho-social profiles of people, content, and brands. Whit.li divines psycho-social profiles, demographics, life stage and interests by scanning and analyzing social media activity using complex context-sensitive pattern-matching algorithms. The result is an easy-to-compare vector set.  This vector set can be used to compare two users to each other, to compare a user to a brand or to compare a user to content (like a news story).  The vector set is derived from several algorithms, including natural language processing applied to user generated content (such as Facebook posts and Twitter feeds).


The Vector Set includes:

  • o   demographics
  • o   raw personality scores (including: extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, openness)
  • o   raw sentiment scores (including overall sentiment and sentiment for the past week)
  • o   interest categories (Specific interests can be retrieved directly from a social media profile, such as Facebook)


The API also includes comparison calls that will assess compatibility between two people in five distinct contexts.  Each of these contexts has a different algorithm.


  • o   WORKING TOGETHER – determine how well two people would work together
  • o   SHOPPING – determine if two people would make similar buying decisions
  • o   TRAVELING TOGETHER - determine how well two people would travel together 
  • o   ROOMING TOGETHER -determine how well two people would live together 
  • o   FRIENDSHIP - determine how well two people will get along for long-term friendship 


There is more detail on each vector and comparison context at http://developer.whit.li.




Description of Sponsorship Levels


Beginnings on a Sponsorship Letter


Sponsor : Donates cash for the production of the event

Event Sponsor : Pledge to purchases a meal during the event 

Event Partner : Pledge to support the event in a non-fiscal way


The code-a-thon will be free and open to the public, so you are welcome to send representatives to the event. If you give us advanced notice that you will have some people there, then we can list you as an Event Partner in our promotions. If you can pledge to help with expenses by either purchasing a meal or providing cash, then we will give you a sponsorship listing in our promotions including your logo and a 250 word description of your service. 



All financial records will be open and transparent.


Event Announcement & Sponsor Letter


+ Planning Meeting Info
+ Bounties
+ SXSW & Open Government



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