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Project List

Project name Project Team & Lead Tech Description Codeathon Progress
Social Bookmarking App 

Occupy Apps

Android, Java, jQuery An app to help distributed social groups share socially-curated web content.  none 
not sure yet
An expansion of sunlight's openstates.org 
chatting w James Turk head of openstates.org project!
General Billy Stevie Python, MongoDB, Django (for now) An outgrowth of above opencities idea - a generalized library for scraping and sharing legislation information at ANY level Just getting down some initial spec



Major Drupal upgrade for the burningflipside webpage, as a community resource & model for online collaboration.
Frame.js Bishop  Javascript  Open-source function sequencer and library loader for large frontend javascript applications  i wrote the lib and will be on there if anyone wants to hack on it. 
Add a user submission form and resource or link aggregation to the web site
Bishop and Dale have discussed briefly. Have some suggestions from Code For America folk.
Open Data Project  The Brigade    Several ideas being discussed   
cyberwire  Tom  Android, Java open source android payment app with opentransact support  
Form Builder  Bishop  Javascript  generic JS-based, edit-in-place form builder  see project page 


Resources and Inspiration



Courtesy of Jamie Phillips - the City of Austin's open data portal developer.He has done some testing and the basic functionality is working.  He encourages others to improve upon it.  It is also hosted on RubyGems.orgAnd a Python library is planned.


It's great that people are using Windy. However, note that the principal difference between Dillo and Windy is:

      def self.root         
      def self.root         


APIs to consider



The Whit.li API assembles and compares the psycho-social profiles of people, content, and brands. Whit.li divines psycho-social profiles, demographics, life stage and interests by scanning and analyzing social media activity using complex context-sensitive pattern-matching algorithms. The result is an easy-to-compare vector set.  This vector set can be used to compare two users to each other, to compare a user to a brand or to compare a user to content (like a news story).  The vector set is derived from several algorithms, including natural language processing applied to user generated content (such as Facebook posts and Twitter feeds).


Mashery : They host lots of free APIs (though you have to signup for a key for each api)


The Open State Project provides a RESTful API for accessing state legislative information. 



Raphael on the frontend



some of their APIs include:
The Guardian : excellent searchable newspaper
Klout : tracking twitter scores and user maps
WhitePages : people and company search
ZoomInfo : people and company search


Whit.li particularly is a local start up with some very interesting technology. They are announcing their public beta at SXSW this year.


Pachube.com - The Internet of Things.


Use and build applications which update and respond in real-time.  API.  Community data.



Open Data Art Projects


emotions of people in cities:


ConnectiCity, in which we gather multiple sources of information in cities to generate urban screens and ubiquitous applications to promote new practices for cities

NuclearAnxiety, in which we show the realtime planetary discussion of nuclear energy, after the Fukushima disaster

Squatting Supermarkets, in which we turn corporate product labels into open spaces in which to publish open data on ecology and sustainability, using AR

and the most recent one, which is called Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free, in which we gather human emotions from social networks to animate an installation



More Project Ideas



Project Guidelines


Project Criteria:

You can use this page to sign up early for events you are interested in, or to propose new projects. Work at the events won't be restricted to projects posted on this list. Anything is fair game as long as it meets the following criteria:

  1. Non-profit relevance: Software should be useful to non-profit organizations.
  2. General relevance: Software should have a wide variety of applications to different organizations and situations, as opposed to being tailor-made for one specific organization.
  3. Open source: All software developed will be open source... this is a charity event!


Project Responsibility:

You own your project! We are providing tools and an environment to facilitate ideas, productivity, fun, teambuilding... but ultimately you, the volunteers, own what you create and are responsible for taking it where you want to go.


Do you hope to integrate your project with another piece of software being developed at the codeathon? Coordinate your design with the other team early. Do you have aspirations of widespread adoption? We'll showcase projects on the wiki after we're done, but reach out to your target audience and spread the word. Are you creating a longer-term project? Try to recruit volunteers who want to continue development, or even a project lead who will carry the torch after the event.


Project Pages:

It is highly recommended that each project create its own wiki page for the team to collaborate, and for other interested parties to find out details about the project. You are free to use this sample project page as a template.



Other Thoughts


Project Leads:

I added a column for "Project Lead" as a suggestion that project teams (designers and coders together) elect a project lead who will make sure the project "succeeds," whatever a team takes that to mean. For example:

  • Posting and maintaining a project webpage with the finished software after the codeathon
  • Recruiting volunteers who want to continue development after the codeathon
  • All of the above, or something completely different




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