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Page history last edited by Silona Bonewald 12 years, 1 month ago

This page contains resources for planning the events, including advertisements, planning meeting minutes, and so on.


Potential locations (in loose preferential order):

Location Status Notes

Microsoft downtown office


12/5 emailed Mark Drapeau and Meaghan Larson at MS to find out about it

12/15 Downtown not available, but they've offered the Chevy Chase location

Sumner School X

12/15 Getting access to the right person.

12/15 emailed kenneth.stuckey@dc.gov

12/15 kimberly.springle@dc.gov was the right person to talk to, but she says they are only open M-F 9-5 so no dice

in progress...

12/15 Reached out to people at GWU and through State Dept - we'll see what comes back

12/19 re-sent to the State connections. I think the GW ones are dead (not literally).

Mt Vernon UMC

12/15 Wrote to Chris Weathers at the church

12/19 They don't allow the space to be used Sunday mornings...

MLK Library in progress...

12/15 determining if it is a good space for this sort of thing

12/15 Waiting for intro to Patrick Timony - 12/19 reminder sent

12/20 It's a good possibility - need to verify wifi and 24 hr accessibility issues, but they already have some programs that would make for good projects at the codeathon also!!

Gallaudet University

12/15 is this too far to walk - should I try to get this space? [LINK]

I think it is doable and I like college campuses since they often have better layouts

Salsa Labs Offices
backup Silona has this as a backup
New America Foundation

12/15 Wrote to Sascha

12/19 A good possibility - Sascha is checking to see if the Open Technology Initiative team is interested.

12/21 not enough breakout spaces - buut they suggested Bread for the City as a good venue and are providing intros, etc...

Washington Post
in progress...
12/19 Silona intro to Jag. He'll check, but isn't sure can figure it out before the new year.
USIP in progress... 12/20 A possible introduction to someone that could get us into the USIP building right on Constitution - it's a little farther walk from the subway, but would be an awesome space to work in!
Bread for the City in progress... 12/20 Will reach out to Greg Bloom after New America soft pitches



Sponsor-related documents:

Sponsorship request


Meeting agendas and minutes:

Meeting 2011/12/03

Meeting 2011/12/05


Other planning resources:

Advertising list


Development environment decision matrix

Orientation presentation

Task List

Venue walkthrough checklist




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