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ATX 2012

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Code-a-thon ATX 2012

"open source, non-commercial, and accessible"


ATX2012-02 Pre-Planning Party (aka ATX12-P3)

Friday, July 13th, 6pm - 12am


Gather to join forces on the road to Austin's most ... Code-a-thon event ever!


Register to attend this barcamp-style learn-in on open source, universal and non-commercial technologies, and witness first-hand the 12 code-a-thon bounties proffered to github pirates and tut raiders alike!




Attend Code-a-thon ATX 201202


Friday, November 2, 6pm to Sunday, November 4th, 6pm

a 48-hour Open-Source and Open-Data Coding Marathon

meals provided // reduced-rate cash bar


Where: The Moose Lodge, 2103 E M FRANKLIN AVE, AUSTIN, TX 78723-5832
Phone: (512) 926-0043 Social Quarters: (512) 926-0043


Several groups here in Austin have allied to produce a Code-a-thon in ATX this year. This event follows in the six year history of Code-a-thons nationally and will be dedicated to creating open sources tools and solutions for non-commercial, municipal and community-oriented organizations. We gather volunteer programmers, designers and graphic artists to build upon existing open source tools during our 48-hour lock-in event. 



Get Involved


Social Media Announcements


Planning Page

Follow us on Twitter: @CodeathonAtx

Join the event on Facebook: ...


Press Releases - feel free to use these!


Sponsors - who and how to get more 


Logistics (event production details)



From ATX 2012 01


Friday, April 13th, 6pm to Sunday, April 15th 6pm


Projects page - where all the action is!
Volunteer Schedule - coders need a support crew, so sign yourselves right up!

Sign up here: Who's Coming

Event Feedback



2012 Sponsors


+ The Moose Lodge, an long-standing Austin club and community space
+ Conjunctured, an Austin co-working space for tech professionals
+ Whit.li, an Austin local technology startup that provides personality-based text evaluation. Launched at SXSW 2012 last month.
+ Austin Connects, Community Technology Education and Resources non-profit
+ Burning Flipside, an Austin local community group promoting sustainable living

+ The League of Technical Voters, a civic technology non-profit
+ Free Network Foundation, national non-profit promoting the internet as a public resource



Coming Soon... (pick one and build it!)


Social Media listings so you can spread the word!

CouchSurfing - for our out of town programmers (airBnb)

Facilities - reserving rooms etc



For the Event:

Food and Entertainment





Participant Contact Info 

Event Feedback


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